Electricity is the life force of our modern society, illuminating our homes and enriching our lives with technology. But this power behind our life is at risk due to the escalating environmental issues, marred by growing outages and surging instability. Even North America and Europe aren't immune to the issue.

At Anker, we've committed the last eight years to solving the problem with the goal of empowering our customers with energy independence. Now, we are ready to take another step forward.

Introducing Anker SOLIX, a consumer energy series oering reliable, intuitive, and sustainable power solutions for every household into the future.

Anker SOLIX inspires homeowners, RV enthusiasts, and o-grid campers to live confidently, no matter where they are. They know Anker SOLIX can help overcome power anxiety and provide them with consistent reliable energy, so they can work, learn, and enjoy their best life.


Our goal is to provide reliable and intuitive energy experiences for everyone, so they can live confidently in any situation.

Our mission is to enable everyone everywhere with energy independence, to power on a sustainable future together.

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