Arzum OKKA

In 2012, Arzum began developing “OKKA”. It was launched in 2014 and introduced a revolutionary quality to coffee lovers: Direct to the cup…

OKKA offers a completely different and patented method to get

perfectly made Turkish coffee. The cups can be placed under the head of the machine, allowing the coffee to pour into with its foam in equal portions. OKKA has gradual brewing system and a mixer in its brewing chamber to get homogeneous mixture by stimulating the traditional Turkish Coffee Brewing process. Besides, it also has a piston that pushes the foam to the top and portion it into the cups. So, now two cups of Turkish coffee can be served at the right temperature, taste and physical condition. The internal water tank makes the machine easy to use One of the crucial steps to get a full taste and the highest aroma for Turkish Coffee is to use freshly ground coffee beans. In 2018, Arzum launched OKKA BeanGourmet grinder and ensured the coffee lovers to have gourmet coffee taste. OKKA BeanGourmet grinder can be adjusted to various grind sizes for different brewing methods. It grinds beans suitable for Turkish Coffee and seals the taste in the cup.