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The Best Quality, The fastest Autofocus, Webcam & Document Camera

1. High-definition & high-sensitivity image realization by applying Sony STARVIS sensor and 5-Elements all-glass lens

2. Incredibly fast autofocus (Corning©Varioptic© Liquid lens)

Real-time autofocus from 3cm to infinity.

▶Experience the difference from autofocus of conventional motors and MEMS methods.

3. Cam:Bridge cannot be operated by external hacking as it only works by pressing a physical hardware button 

▶ Red Light is The safest security When the app is terminated, the privacy function is automatically activated and The camera never works by .

▶ A green light means the camera is on The camera works only when the user presses the privacy button so that the turns on. Cambridge webcam is the best security device against hacking.

4. Uncomfortable top of the monitor. Feel free to use it regardless of position, height, or angle

5. Auto white-balance & Auto exposure

6. Support for various video conferencing platforms 

7. USB3.0 Super speed webcam & 2 Meter long USB3.0 Type C cable provided 

8. Easily switch between Webcam & Document cameras

9. Real-time interactive online video training is possible only with Cam:Bridge webcam.

▶ Real-time interactive online Education by simply pointing Cam:Bridge webcam downward.

10. Personalize your webcam with stickers

▶ When ordering from groups, institutions, companies, schools, etc., we produce customized face stickers for free. 

11. Express your feelings with the privacy screen.

▶ When ordering from groups, institutions, companies, schools, etc., we create a customized privacy screen for free.

12. Experience the traffic lights of various countries!!.

13. Cam:Bridge Control Software

▶ Support Virtual Camera - Up to 4 Cam:Bridge webcams can be connected. Only the selected camera is transmitted to the video conferencing app as a virtual camera (Cam:Bridge Capture). Exposure/Gain control, photo capture, and video recording capabilities are included.

14. For professional multi-channel camera support

▶ For various scenes or document camera functions, up to 4 cameras can be connected at the same time, and using our Cam:Bridge Control, you can select one of the 4 cameras and send the video

15. USB Lavalier Microphone 

When video and audio are processed through the same USB cable, audio quality deterioration and delay occur due to the limited amount of transmission. So, Cam:Bridge webcam provides a separate USB Lavalier microphone to avoid audio delay and quality issues, and to keep video quality at its best.

16. Cam:Bridge Webcam Package List

①Product Box

②Cam:Bridge webcam

③Quick Manual

④USB Lavalier Microphone(Complimentary)

⑤USB A to C Cable(2m)



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