Frifri: Belgian SDA Brand of Culinary Excellence

•Reliability, simplicity and design: this is what Frifri has been offering for more than 60 years. 

•Frifri is a distinguished Belgian brand that specializes in producing high-quality small domestic appliances (SDA) for culinary enthusiasts. With a strong focus on delivering exceptional performance and user-friendly design, Frifri has become synonymous with excellence in fryers, waffle makers, and chocolate maker.

Expert territories : 

•Real Belgian Fries with the 100% Belgian Frifri fryer.

The Frifri oil fryers were the first to offer household appliances with cool zone & are the only ones on the market that are manufactured in Belgium, in our factory in Courcelles. 

•The Frifri Waffle maker, the preferred waffle maker by Belgians since 1958

The Frifri Waffle maker, an evolution of the iconic Nova waffle maker, preserves the tradition and adds new types of plates, in order to keep up with the culinary trends. 

•The Frifri Chocolate maker, the Belgian tempering machine which allows you to easily work chocolate.

The Chocolate maker, the only chocolate maker for household use, a worldwide innovation, developed in collaboration with a master chocolatier, is manufactured in our factory in Courcelles.

Our distribution network:

•Gourmet shops, specialist, department stores, large specialised stores, buying groups, online shopping

Frifri, the Belgian brand of excellence, stands out as a leading provider of top-tier fryers, waffle makers, and chocolate tempering equipment. With a focus on precision, reliability, and user satisfaction, Frifri appliances empower culinary enthusiasts to achieve outstanding results in their cooking endeavors. 

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