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RESELLER PARK continues to grow even after the pandemic. At the last IFA 2022, the first IFA after the pandemic, the established Reseller Park marketplace showed its full strength: the network structure that has grown over decades as an annual meeting place - a visit there is a must for many IFA market participants - in conjunction with the traditionally high-circulation channel campaigns, once again led to an extraordinarily permanently high trade visitor frequency observed over all days of the trade show - much to the delight of the nearly 100 exhibitors.


The RESELLER PARK at this year's IFA nevertheless exceeds the size of last year: in addition to the visitor campaigns initiated by Jan Nintemann's agency GLOBAL FAIRS, about 110 exhibitors including some leading channel media partners now invite visitors to the Reseller Park - in all likelihood, therefore, a best-frequented diverse B2B platform at the IFA, which now fills almost half of the large Hall 25.

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