QC Centre

Quality control

QC Centre attaches great importance to quality controls. After all, it guarantees the quality of your products and excludes deviations as much as possible. An inaccurate measurement can lead to additional wear, the malfunctioning of a part or rejection of the product.

That is why all parts of QC-Centre meet strict quality requirements and meet the requested tolerances. In order to guarantee these high-quality requirements, we work with controls on the manufactured products and machining processes.

On behalf of your company, we send our trained quality engineers to carry out the desired inspections. Naturally this will happen on location to make sure your products always will be correct and genuine. 

A quality control, also known as quality inspection, revolves around the control of products for quality and correctness.

In the quality control process, we check the quality as well as the function of the products.

QC Centre is expert in quality tracking. As a leading supplier of certification and test facilities, we are the first choice for quality-conscious customers around the world. We ensure that you can demonstrate with a QC certificate that products are in accordance with your requirements and wishes.

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