Riviera & Bar is a distinguished French SDA brand that was established in 1968. We have consistently invested in new market niches, developing products that combine innovative functions, professional performance, elegant style, and user-friendliness.


Our motto, "Objects of culinary art," reflects our vision of offering both design and exceptional performance to our consumers, with a Q3 and Q4 positioning. Our expertise lies in various areas, including the French breakfast experience, where we excel in creating small domestic appliances that allow users to master the art of coffee and tea preparation, as well as toasters. Additionally, we specialize in providing cooking solutions that enable users to cook like professional chefs, both indoors and outdoors, with our Planchas. Furthermore, we have a health-focused range of products that emphasize innovation and cater to individuals seeking low-sugar, gluten-free, and dairy-free programs, as well as preservation of food products.


To ensure wide accessibility, our distribution network includes gourmet shops, specialist and ultra-specialist stores specializing in tea and well-being products, department stores, large specialized stores, buying groups, and online shopping platforms.