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  • sens Facility-Suite
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sens Facility-Suite sens Facility-Suite sens Facility-Suite

The sens-Facility Suite is a highly customizable platform designed to cater to the unique requirements of each user or business. One of its most remarkable features is the integration of computer vision and multi-modal AI as an input source for "IF This Then That" (IFTTT) rules.

This powerful combination means that the suite can act based on multiple different types of sensor input data, be it visual, auditory, or other sensor-derived data. For instance, the computer vision system may detect a particular event, like a machine component exhibiting unusual behavior. This visual input, analyzed in conjunction with other data types by the multi-modal AI, can trigger a particular action in the sens-Facility Suite according to the pre-set IFTTT rules.

But the true versatility of the sens-Facility Suite is in its adaptability. The platform can function as an all-encompassing system overseeing and managing every aspect of the facility, from maintenance scheduling to inventory control. Alternatively, it can also serve as a single communication platform, providing an interface for all stakeholders to stay updated on the facility's operations and maintenance status in real time.

This 'à la carte' approach means users can choose exactly what they want from the sens-Facility Suite. Whether they need a comprehensive management system or a dedicated communication platform, Sensfix's offering can be tailored to their specific needs, providing an efficient, flexible, and powerful tool for facility management.