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 The world's first new concept customizable IoT smart digital messaging system

"SHOU" customize your own digital message “As you Wish” “Anytime” “Anywhere” and “At once”


SHOU is using afterimage effect of LED (POV) for digital messaging which can be used for advertising / promotion and communication. Wholesale companies can control all SHOU devices at their shops simultaneously from HQ for promotion and information.

Input worldwide languages & symbols on smart phone keypad with selecting color, size and thickness of each letter on SHOU APP and then two row of input context to be realized in the air promptly with LED built-in rotating stick by transmitting context to device by BLE.   And possible to reserve play time of multiple messages.

Attachable on table, wall, show window or vehicle etc. with magnetic or air pressure suction cup.

Waterproof and possible to reserve the display time of multiple contexts.

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