1. Real fast auto focus

 To overcome the analog focus operation method of the existing optical microscope, we developed and applied the A/F (Auto Focus) lens by combining the optical microscope lens design and the liquid lens variable focus technology. 

►It automatically focuses quickly, which greatly reduces work time.

2. Special design for portable

Aluminum pen-type exterior, maximizing aesthetic design using metal materials, This is a next-generation smart digital microscope with excellent visual intuition of LED & OLED and zoom slider that reflects analog sensibility.

3. Low to High magnification without changing lenses

The magnification can be adjusted in 4 steps: X40, X100, X180, X250.

You can easily change the magnification from low magnification to high magnification without changing the lens simply by pressing the slide button to set the magnification and adjusting the distance to the subject.

For each magnification, the main body display shows the appropriate distance for the task.

►Therefore, both low and high magnification microscopes can be used to reduce costs.

4. Auto focus teleport function

You can move the focus position manually by clicking the + - button.

It is very useful because the operator does not feel tired when closely observing a subject with a height difference and a large area.

5. Powerful dedicated application for free

Capture, Video recording, Auto & Manual measurement, Auto & manual focus, 2 channels, 4 channels, Full screen, Tape measure, Rotation, Temperature graph, LED on/off functions, etc. are equipped.

With 4 channels, you can connect and compare up to 4 videos at the same time, and you can upload images saved in the past and compare them with real-time videos, which makes it a lot of fun even though it's a difficult task. 

►Free App Downlode :

6. Auto measurement & Manual measurement function

If you click the automatic measurement icon in the dedicated application,

Measurement values such as Lines, Circles, Squares, Freeforms, Protractors, etc. are automatically displayed in real time.

Text entry is also possible, making it easy to store and document complex tasks.

►Manual measurement is a function that the operator sets and uses the exact measurement value separately.

7. Detail with digital zoom up to X3

The digital zoom, useful for closer observation, works remotely up to X3.

You can magnify up to X250 optical zoom + digital zoom up to X3.

The digital zoom makes the image somewhat grainy.

8. High-definition Full HD 3.5 million pixels

Video storage: 30fps, AVI (1920x1080, 1280x720, 720x480, 640x480)

Image storage: JPG, (1920x1080, 1280x720, 720x480, 640x480)

 ►Tip: You can adjust the image size and use it by clicking the "image format" in the PC application.

9. Observe the deep inside effectively

The 3pi Cap is a X100 zoom-only cap that can effectively observe nooks and crannies.

When observing a subject with a height difference, it is a professional cap that shows a three-dimensional image without interruption to realize a 3D screen. 

►Tip: It is included in the basic set without purchase, so you can experience amazing work.


► SMART G-SCOPE® End Caps (Option)


 ♦ Various accessories for a specific purpose

Temperature sensor, Otoscope, Capillary, UV Caps, 70% cut, Iris, Dental caps etc.

Specialized option products are continuously developed

and added so that they can be used in professional work by replacing and fixing end caps.

►Some caps increase the corporate brand value through ODM.

 ⇒ Please check the YouTube video.


► SMART G-SCOPE®  Specification


· Model : SMART G-SCOPE G1 ~ G7

· Sensor : 3.5M Pixel CMOS

· Auto Focus : Fast Auto Focus using Liquid Lens

· Working Distance : Contact ~ Infinity by Mode Change

· OLED : Display Magnify Mode & Temp.

· Lighting : White LED with On/Off Control

· Movie Recording : 30fps, AVI(1920x1080, 1280x720, 720x480, 640x480)

· Image Capture : JPG(1920x1080, 1280x720, 720x480, 640x480)

· Automatic measurement: Yes (length, area, circumference, angle)

· Attachable End Cap (Option)

  - 3Pi Corner Cap

  - Ear Cap (ODM)

  - Iris(Eye) Cap (ODM)

  - Dental Cap (ODM)

  - Thermometer Cap

  - Capillary Cap

  - UV Cap

· Remote Control : IR Remocon

· Exposure : Auto Exposure

· Color Control : Auto White Balance

· Ruler Display : Atuomatic 4 Axis Ruler

· Interface : USB 2.0 High Speed (Type – C)

· O/S : Win XP, Win7 or more, Android 4.1.2 or more

· Fixture : Optional


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