SWEBS is a total solution for genuine certification service, various marketing and CRM etc. SWEBS was created by combination of a differentiated optical technology and powerful online security system. Through the combination of differentiated hologram technology and mobile authentication system, in addition to authenticity checks, it can also be used as a means of various marketing. For example, new product promotions, customer inflows to brand homepage, Inducement to genuine purchasing site, event, distribution management, genuine registration, customer information collection, etc.

 All codes created by special algorithm have separately encoded information, so it is impossible to be decoded by illegal copy attempt. No need to download new application to check its genuineness. It can be checkable by all kinds of mobile phone QR scanner or SWEBS app easily and quickly.

 Available label types are SWEBS Hologram Label, Fresnel SWEBS hologram Labels, SWEBS dual label, SWEBS pin code label, Ready-made products and customized items. The genuineness can be checked by scanning encoded QR with mobile phone or put PIN at the authentication page after removing scratch first on the hologram sticker. SWEBS provides genuine authentication hologram label with enhanced security and advanced technology than general hologram labels.

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