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CT5 INC Hall: 27 Stand: 306

TIKTAALIK is CT5’s new IT mobile and lifestyle product brand. The ‘Tiktaalik’, was a prehistoric creature that is considered to be the evolutionary link between aquatic and terrestrial animals and as such is regarded as the ancestor of all terrestrial vertebrates. It possessed both the gills of an aquatic animal and the legs of a terrestrial animal, making it a biologically unique prehistoric animal and earning it a lot of attention.

Just like the Tiktaalik this new brand, launched by CT5, will open the gates to a wealth of evolutionary possibilities. TIKTAALIK intends to go further than any conventional product to provide hybrid items with advanced technology and diverse functions and so, just like its ancient namesake, to open a whole new era. 

Just like its slogan: “Something Special”, all TIKTAALIK products have “Specialness”. Along with the unique design, we pursue something special that is missing from conventional products, and we seek to deliver such value that users will feel and appreciate it as a practical necessity even beyond its step change in looks. This is the value and goal of TIKTAALIK as a brand.