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DEI - why are we discussing this now and what does it mean for the tech industry now and in the future

03 Sep 2023

The world feels like a different place post pandemic, with a pause and now a reset playing out now across cultures and societies as we return to a new normal. During these turbulent years, we witnessed civil unrest and people reflecting and questioning the world that they live in. So why we are focussing on DEI now? We kick off the day with a conversation around what these terms specifically mean, across the broad terms of internal, external, organisational and worldview diversity. What does diversity, equity and inclusion mean in practice? And how can a company create an inclusive culture that facilitates innovation and creativity to foster a healthy workplace environment that people can flourish within. We look at the impact of this across the board and delve into the worldwide view on DEI. This panel session will host individuals who will explain their own personal experiences of leadership on these issues and how they achieved their career success.

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