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Planning and executing a DEI strategy through leadership and management

03 Sep 2023

The boards of all organisations are a key focal point that attract attention when discussing DEI within organisations. In 2022 The European Council approved EU rules to promote more balanced gender representation on the boards of listed companies. This national law states that at least 40% of non-executive director positions in listed companies should be held by members of the underrepresented sex by 2026. This deadline is fast approaching and it is obvious that not enough is being done or progress being made. So how are leaders planning and executing a staffing and recruitment strategy with their organisations? And where are we seeing the biggest impact? 

The workplace has exponentially changed post the pandemic - fully remote, hybrid and contract roles have meant that physical location is no longer an issue for employers, and they can select the best talent available which can improve DEI. 

These new working styles require a new style of leadership and management, to understand how to lead/manage in a virtual world and how to embed DEI within an organisation. Retraining is an essential part of this process to ensure employees are retained and progress. Join us as we take a deep dive into the initiatives companies are embarking on and their impact.

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