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Fireside chat - From inclusion to innovation: The strategic value of DEI in a changing business landscape

03 Sep 2023
Main Stage Hall 21b
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Spotlight, Hall 21b, Main Stage

Difficult economic times offer an opportunity for organisations to re-evaluate their practices and foster an environment that embraces innovation, creativity and nurtures both talent and wellbeing – a culture in which everyone can thrive. Investing in DEI can build trust, employee loyalty and productivity, positioning organisations for long term success in the evolving world of work. Our esteemed panel will explore: 

  • How does embracing diversity, equity and inclusion contribute to a strategic competitive advantage in today’s evolving world of work? What practical actions and strategies are organisations deploying to create inclusive workplaces?  
  • What tangible benefits can organisations derive from prioritising and investing in DEI initiatives? Why does the continued commitment to diversity matter to business, especially during recessionary times? 

  • How can organisations effectively integrate DEI principles into their business strategies and practices to drive innovation, attract and retain top talent, and enhance overall performance?  

Laura Garcia-Caberol, Chief Operating Officer - Touchlab