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Hall: 7.1 Stand: B306
  • | IFA Household Appliances

For 30 years now, Creative Technology has been a world leader in electrostatic technology.

Based on our extensive experience, we’ve created “ataraina”, a new brand to enhance quality of life by providing compact, portable and handy consumer products.


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  • Aromacaron is a product that allows you to easily enjoy aromatic scents without water.The product name "Aromacaron" is a combination of "aroma" and "macaron".You can adjust the fragrance to your prefe ...
  • DEODRANT ONE is easy to hold shape in order to insert into the shoes and the power switch is placed at the top so that it can be operated easily while it’s inside the shoes. In order to insert the sho ...
  • OiSHI can effectively purify air for personal and individual space. It’s no longer surprising that many invisible toxic particles such as PM2.5 or dust is floating in the air. OiSHi can attract those ...
  • It is particle collector that can clean air with our advanced electrostatics technology.We devoted our advanced electrostatics technology into creating a high-performance air purifier, removing fine p ...
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