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Daan Tech

Hall: 2.2 Stand: 207
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Created in 2016, Daan Tech is an industrial company which designs, makes and sells innovative devices. At Daan Tech, we always thought that a better and more durable world is achievable. That’s why we started our company with a quite audacious idea : creating life-improving products that could be used by everyone, everyday. Our products are playful and easy to use, while appreciating the french expertise and reducing the environmental impact.

We want our products to be real life-changing solutions for a more virtuous tomorrow.


25 million sales revenue since 2020 ( made of 90% online sales and 10% physical retail)

50 collaborators, distributed on two geographical sites ( Paris and Cugand, located in Vendée)

15 people in charge of customer service, after-sale services, technicians and engineers in the design office.

2500m2 of space in our factory in Vendée

male/female parity of 70% women and 30% men

70000+ Bobs sold since October of 2020.

30 countries : 60% of our sales revenue is made by exporting Bob, including countries as Taiwan, Argentina and Japan.

But what exactly is eco-compact ?

Eco-compact : adj : Can be said about a low cluttering product, made in an eco-friendly way, with a reduced impact on the environment.

Our choice was to combine eco-conception and design in order to offer better performing products, which are more environmentally friendly while anticipating and adapting itself to tomorrow’s uses and habitats.

While understanding the concept of a global impact, our products were made to facilitate a more environmentally friendly during its whole life cycle ( conception, use, durability, recyclability and end of life).

Our pillars are 

Made In France : a valorization of shorter distribution circuits, being engaged for the society, a full control & proficiency of our value chain, and the image of the “French Touch”

Trust : human-sized company, transparent, for a better and more sustainable future

Industrial Expertise : the rebirth of a historical national expertise, the pride of building a more virtuous industry

Eco-compact : as explained before.


ZA Mortier Est
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