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MYHIXEL is a pioneering, disruptive male sexual health brand that offers tech & science-based solutions for improving men’s sex life.

We’ve combined innovation, technology, and science to make a wide range of solutions available for men, intending to improve their sex lives holistically.

Our best-selling product is a unique therapeutic method that addresses premature ejaculation and climax control and allows men to control ejaculation without pills or numbing creams, which could have side effects.


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  • Alcohol-free cleaning spray. Specially designed to take the best care of your intimate products.Thanks to its composition, you will not damage the materials of your MYHIXEL I and you will be able to k ...
  • Thanks to MYHIXEL's cutting-edge methodology, men can now have greater control over when they ejaculate through our most advanced technological solution: MYHIXEL Control.MYHIXEL Control is a clinicall ...
  • This male intimate care cream is a product specifically developed for men's intimate area. It contains active ingredients such as Aloe vera, snail secretion, and hyaluronic acid, which provide a range ...
  • MYHIXEL Intimate Gel has been specially created for male intimate hygiene. Its carefully selected ingredients protect delicate areas and prevent infections.This gel maintains the skin's natural balanc ...
  • This adjustable accessory with suction cups allows you to securely attach your MYHIXEL II device to a smooth surface. It’s a perfect complement that will help you enjoy a more pleasant and realistic e ...
  • All the essence of MYHIXEL in a natural water-based lubricant, with a fresh aroma and no dyes. Specially designed to lubricate your MYHIXEL II device and achieve a realistic feeling of very satisfying ...
  • MYHIXEL Oil is an exclusive massage oil designed to enhance sensitivity and pleasure in intimate areas. Infused with a delightful apple and cinnamon aphrodisiac aroma, this oil is perfect for anyone l ...
  • The pleasure device has an exclusively-designed interior, created by our team of sexologists and technicians to maximize your pleasure.Thanks to its anatomical design with high-end materials you will ...
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