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NdotLight Co., Ltd.

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Established in January 2020, NdotLight develop 'Revolve' that enables 3D design on various platforms based on a web browser. We developed web-based 3D design software 'Revolve' based on a proprietary 3D modeling web engine. 3D modeling is used in many different sectors, not just in games and animation but also manufacturing and construction. But not many people know what the work process is like. Usually, a 3D designer makes a sample on some 3D modeling software. Then the designer sends the file to other teammates to get feedback. Based on the feedback, the designer makes modifications on the sample. This process is repeated many many times until everyone is happy with the sample. And eventually, they’re left with many different versions of the sample file. If more people are involved in the process (like engineers, marketers, and product designers), things get more complicated. And for everyone to view the 3D modeling sample, they need to install heavy 3D modeling software that’s around 2G to 5G in size on their laptops or PCs. Sharing feedback comments amongst the team is not easy, either. People have to take a screenshot of the sample in different angles in order to explain their feedback. This is why cloud-based 3D design software is necessary in order to improve such an inefficient work process. All work files can be saved in the cloud, and people can work on the same file simultaneously. However, major 3D modeling programs mostly don’t provide web-based services and still require users to install heavy software. The ones that do provide web-based services lack reliability and user-friendliness. So we, N.Light, have developed Revolve, our web-based 3D modeling software that can solve these pain points in the 3D modeling industry. Anyone can access the file just by sharing a link. It’s cloud-based, meaning you can manage files and collaborate with others efficiently. Even non-professional 3D designers can work on 3D modeling, thanks to our intuitive UI.

Revolve has been named a CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree in the Software & Mobile Apps category. The engine developed by NdotLight is recognized for its technological competitiveness by being selected as the ‘2022 Major 3D Engine Leading the Global Metaverse Market’ by CB Insights along with Unity and Unreal Engine.

We’re extremely proud to have built a tool for anyone in 3D design to be able to work on the same page anytime, anywhere. That’s what we want. To make 3D design true teamwork.


Korea, Republic of
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