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RMG co.,Ltd

Hall: 27 Stand: 205

The Best Solution for Brand Protection

RMG’s mission is to protect the brands and its values. We give the end consumers a piece of mind by guaranteeing the product’s genuineness throughout the product’s value chain, from product opening to after-services. We achieve those through 3 main brands: SWEBS, SECUTECH, SEALTICKER


17, Gosan-ro 148beon-gil
Gunpo IT Valley
Room 3002-1, A-dong
Korea, Republic of
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  • SEALTICKER is a brand that specializes in sealing labels. (Sealing + Sticker = SEALTICKER) When you remove SEALTICKER, it will leave a pattern on the surface, allowing you to know whether that the pro ...
  • SECUTECH is a brand that specializes in authentication hologram labels. SECUTECH counsels exposure to forgery, domestic & foreign distribution and value of brands. It also provides the best security s ...
  •  SWEBS is a total solution for genuine certification service, various marketing and CRM etc. SWEBS was created by combination of a differentiated optical technology and powerful online security system ...


  • Brand Specialized in Security Seal LabelsSealing + Sticker = SEALTICKERAttaching Sealticker to a place you need security or want to seal. After removing, there will be traces of the labels on the prod ...
  • The new paradigm for verification hologram sticker.It is the distingushed design customer companies based on the updated design of the hologram master tech. The general customer can distinguish the co ...
  • Activation solution with mobile authentication system on top of special printing technology in smart holograms.1) Purpose : SWEBS is a total solution for Brand Protection and customer management.2) Co ...
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