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“We predict how tomorrow will be“ a wastewatchers brand helps food service companies, franchisers and the out-of-home sector with forecasting. Used and trusted in 200+ restaurants in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. has developed a handy tool, which helps you to take more grip and control in your daily processes. On short-term we can forecast revenue and guests with an expected accuracy of around 90%+.

● Per hour

● Per day

● Per month

● Per productgroup

Our forecast, your engine in your daily processes.

With our intelligence it is possible to do the right thing for every position: director, manager, chef or location manager will automatically receive the correct intelligence to help them with their daily business.

Curious about our very low monthly and low one-off start-up costs? Visit our website or come by during the Digital Demo Days! 

Forecasting? How does it work? 

Based on sales data and others existing datasets, such as weather, reservations, traffic and a huge amount experience we can make accurate predictions of your daily sales, visitors and the product choices of visitors.

How good is your forecast module?

Some locations will hit ~95% accuracy over time, but every location is different and gets its own module which is self learning. Success depends on the specific data relationships of that location. We never release forecasting modules with an accuracy of less than 85%. Training normally takes 3 to 6 months.


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