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Our IFA Leaders Summit will feature insightful keynote speakers and interactive panel discussions from the most influential and innovative leaders in the industry.

Electronics and appliances have become essential components of modern life. Smartphones, virtual assistants, robots, and IoT devices are examples of technology that enhance our productivity in countless ways. As the market continues to expand, inventors face a tougher challenge in bringing their solutions to fruition and making a mark in a fiercely competitive industry. Against the backdrop of the cost of living crisis, inflationary pressures and de-globalisation, the industry is also grappling with larger questions around the pace of innovation. Is the exponential curve of innovation beginning to slow down? Are companies producing only incremental improvements? How can businesses ensure profitability while also balancing innovation and sustainability?  


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Staging the future

Get ready to peer into the future with industry experts, investors, and visionaries as we explore the latest technologies and emerging markets ripe for disruption. Discover the strategic decisions business leaders need to make to navigate an era of uncertainty and volatility, all in one exciting event with top experts in the field. 

Our exclusive main stage is where the most influential figures in the industry come together to explore the most critical and meaningful topics that are shaping electronics and appliances today. From technologists, innovators, and inventors to retail executives, thought leaders, and influencers, we bring together the best minds to discuss the latest developments in next-gen tech, the future of smart homes, IoT trends, AI-powered devices, robotics, cloud gaming, the changing face of retail, and much more.  Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive insights from top experts in the industry. 


Who should attend?


A must-attend for CEOs and C-suite executives, directors, heads and VPs of companies involved in the production, distribution and sale of consumer electronics and home appliances. We look forward to welcoming product and project managers, influencers and creative professionals, brand managers, sales and marketing professionals, buyers and distributors, investors and policymakers, media and industry analysts, academics, R&D professionals, non-profit, engineers and designers, technicians and installers.  

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to gain exclusive insights into the latest industry trends, network with top experts, and build relationships with potential partners and suppliers.

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