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Interactive session:

03 Sep 2023
Interactive Session: Media & Visibility Workshop - Crafting Winning Strategies for Coverage, Retailers, and Communications Immerse yourself in this interactive workshop designed to provide invaluable insights and practical advice on securing media coverage, pitching to retailers, and setting up an effective communications and marketing strategy in the consumer electronics industry. During this hands-on session, participants will learn what drives media attention, how to craft compelling stories, and the essential elements of a successful media pitch. Discover what retailers are looking for in innovative products and how to showcase your offerings in a way that captures their interest. Additionally, explore the key components of a strategic communications and marketing plan that will resonate with your target audience and drive brand visibility. Startup founders, investors, and marketing professionals will benefit from expert guidance and actionable strategies to elevate their media presence, forge strong relationships with retailers, and create impactful communications that drive growth and success in the competitive consumer electronics landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to fine-tune your media and visibility approach, setting your brand up for success

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