26 Jul 2023

IFA Leaders Summit 2023: Leading in an Era of Disruption, Innovation and Change

Berlin, 26 July 2023 ' The technology industry is at the verge of dramatic change, and nowhere will this be felt more acutely than at the point where technology meets real people ' through consumer electronics and household appliances. That's why big trends like artificial intelligence, sustainability and new entertainment experiences are the main topics at IFA's inaugural Leaders Summit, which will take place during the first two days of the show, on Friday and Saturday, 1 st and 2 nd of September 2023.

'New technologies are scaling at a speed never seen before and have begun to trigger one of the most significant disruptions of the tech industry in at least two decades,' said Oliver Merlin, Managing Director of IFA Management GmbH. 'The IFA Leaders Summit will explore the challenges and the opportunities of this disruption ' for consumers and industry alike.'

In keynotes and panel discussions over two days, speakers will address key industry issues ' ranging from the practical, like new shopping and spending habits of consumers, to the fundamental, like the keynote by Professor Chris Miller, author of FT Business Book of the Year 2022 'Chip Wars', who will explore the microchip arms race that could determine the future of AI, self-driving cars, nanotechnology and more.

Artificial intelligence experts will investigate the promise and potential of generative AI, and the challenges it may pose in our everyday lives. AI has already started to transform how both artists and creative consumers are producing content, which will be the topic of a talk by Jordi Maxim van den Bussche, better known by his online handle Kwebbelkop.

The Leaders Summit will also look at how AI will shape the future of the connected home and drive the 'robot revolution', where automation revolutionises the way we live and work.

The need to build a sustainable future is driving a lot of innovation. Among the summit's topics are the potential of technology to drive the energy transition at home, and whether the circular economy can be positive & profitable at the same time. Connected smart devices will be underpinning many sustainability solutions, and two expert talks will look at the twin challenges of connecting and securing this Internet of Things.

Technology is rapidly transforming entertainment experiences, whether that's in the Metaverse, or through interactive video games, with industry leaders discussing the current state of play. Gaming and other consumer-centric technologies have also begun to spread to other industries; the summit will discuss how gaming can improve and disrupt traditional ways of delivering healthcare. Top industry executives will also explore the future of streaming services for both video and music.

While the pace of innovation may appear to be speeding up, one panel tackles a contrarian point of view and asks the provocative questions whether innovation might actually be slowing down.

Without a doubt, though, technology is having a broad impact on our lives, but the Leaders Summit also asks whether innovation can also transform the world for good? Panelists will present fascinating technologies like aero engines that don't produce contrails (and therefore reduce the contribution of airplanes to the greenhouse effect) or a start-up that uses microscopic air bubbles in water to remove microplastics from rivers, lakes and stormwater retention ponds.

But which of all these technologies will truly make a difference?

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The full programme of the IFA Leaders Summit 2023 can be found here:

IFA Leaders Summit Programme


IFA 2023 will take place from 1-5 September at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds (Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin). Tickets are available online in the ticket shop at www.ifa-berlin.de.

IFA Management GmbH is a joint venture of gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH (owner of the IFAtrademark rights) and Clarion Events Ltd, which is responsible for organising IFA in Berlin

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