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06 Jul 2023

“A Humanized Foundation for Web 3.0 in Polycrisis: The Power of Reality for People, Planet and Sustainable Profits“

Gaming industry and 3D technology pioneer Cevat Yerli presents insights on harnessing the power of reality to shape the 2D internet’s transformation to the 3D interconnected spaces of the future — during times of disruptive, concurrent crises and societal shifts. In the midst of polycrisis, society desperately needs tech to serve its most pressing needs, not for tech to demand that society develop needs for the products and services it creates in a quest for profit and scale. This talk focuses on how Web 3.0 profit models need to work to close technology’s accessibility gap, putting people and planet first while delivering sustainable

Cevat Yerli, Founder and CEO of the TMRW Foundation

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