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Future-gazing next generation tech: Is innovation slowing down?

01 Sep 2023
Main Stage Hall 21b
IFA Leaders Summit, Hall 21b, Main Stage

Emerging technologies such as blockchain, quantum computing, AI, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, and 5G wireless networks are poised to transform the world in the coming years. The tech industry is relentlessly driving innovation in pursuit of the next big thing. However, some experts believe that innovation is slowing down, with many industries reaching the limits of what is currently achievable, and new breakthroughs becoming more challenging. Others contend that innovation occurs in cycles and that any perceived plateau is merely a stepping stone toward the next major advance.

  • Is innovation stalling? If so, why and what can be done about it?
  • What investment, incentives and cultural shifts are needed to unlock innovation?
  • Can the exponential growth of computer technology be replicated in other areas, like agriculture, energy production, transportation, drug discovery, and engineering?
  • How is the global competition for resource and talent impacting innovation?
  • How are regulations affecting innovation?
  • How can the divide between academic excellence and entrepreneurial execution be bridged?
  • How are geopolitical shifts shaping innovation? What, if any, impact do trends in deglobalisation have on innovation?
Geraldine de Bastion, Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder - Konnektiv
Dr Christian Bogatu, Advisor - SPRIND
Heike Freimuth, head of the European Investment Bank Group Office for Germany
Sascha Pallenberg, Tech blogger and podcaster