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Making connections: Interoperability for IoT devices

02 Sep 2023
IFA Leaders Summit

Interoperability between devices, platforms, and services across the spectrum of connected products is essential to facilitate a future of ubiquitous connectivity. One of the biggest challenges for developers when building IoT systems is ensuring that all the devices and services involved are compatible. If devices or networks don’t “talk the same language” then communication, data exchange and collaboration is impossible.
* How can different network protocols, data formats and communication standards be managed in order to ensure that all devices are able to communicate effectively?
* How can developers ensure that their IoT solutions are compliant with relevant industry standards and regulations?
* What are the most common types of interoperability problems encountered in IoT deployments?
* What benefits do standards like Matter bring to consumers when it comes to the connected products they use?

Chris LaPre, Head of Technology - Connectivity Standards Alliance

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