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Staying ahead of the curve: Exploring the mega trends driving innovation in electronics and appliances

01 Sep 2023
Main Stage Hall 21b
IFA Leaders Summit, Hall 21b, Main Stage

What are the key trends in the electronics and appliance industries in 2023? This year has seen a surge in sustainability-focused initiatives and advanced connected devices for customers to make informed decisions about their health, wellness and energy use amid the cost of living crisis. The semiconductor industry is ushering in a new era of globalisation as countries seek self-reliance, and AI has become all-pervasive with applications ranging from predictive analytics to robotics. Companies continue to leverage the metaverse and AR/VR technologies to provide immersive experiences for customers and to unlock new opportunities for growth and engagement. We delve into:

  • What new technologies and products are disrupting the industry?
  • What types of products and services are most appealing to consumers?
  • How are consumer needs and preferences changing amid inflationary and cost of living pressures, and how are manufacturers catering and adapting?
  • What emerging technologies, business models and strategies should businesses consider to remain competitive and stay ahead of the curve?
Warren Saunders, Global President, Tech and Durables - NIQ GfK
Ratna Sita, Head of Research - Euromonitor International
Michael Fisher, AKA Captain2phones, Gadget Enthusiast and Youtube Reviewer
Pierre Coppin, Deputy Managing Director - Sky
Bill Darcy, Chief Executive Officer - National Kitchen & Bath Association

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