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The promise and potential of generative AI

01 Sep 2023
Main Stage Hall 21b
IFA Leaders Summit, Hall 21b, Main Stage

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve from simply analysing existing data to now being able to create new text, images, and videos, it raises questions about how this development will shape the debate between augmentation versus automation. The launch of ChatGPT, the intelligent chatbot, has shown that generative AI is set to have implications for several industries as it gives them access to more sophisticated tools. What will It mean for the future of work? What is the European and worldwide perspective on benefiting from generative AI? How will generative AI impact electronics and other industries? What ethical concerns does it raise and how can we mitigate biases and harm?

Geraldine de Bastion, Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder - Konnektiv
Ivana Bartoletti, Global Data Privacy Officer, Wipro, Cybersecurity And Privacy Executive Fellow, Virginia Tech, Founder Of Women Leading In AI Network
Jonas Andrulis, Founder and CEO - Aleph Alpha
Aljoscha Burchardt, Principal Researcher and Research Fellow - Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI)