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Reimagining customer retail: The new normal in shopping and spending habits

01 Sep 2023
Main Stage Hall 21b
IFA Leaders Summit, Hall 21b, Main Stage

The retail industry has undergone a series of momentous transformations over the past few years. The covid19 pandemic catalysed the acceleration of trends that had already taken root, including e-commerce, social media marketing, direct-to-consumer relationships, and conscientious consumerism. As physical stores shuttered, online shopping became the new norm as retailers quickly pivoted to cultivate a seamless and expeditious digital presence. As physical stores reopen, retailers face challenges such as supply chain disruptions, inflation and keeping up with customer touchpoints. The industry is under pressure to reinvent itself to meet customers' new expectations regarding service, speed, and availability.

  • How are retailers adjusting their operations to provide personalised, convenient and frictionless customer experiences?

  • How is retail adapting to cater for different generations of consumers, like Gen Z and Generation Alpha?

  • In what ways is retail changing to allow customers to experience products?

  • How are retail experiences being hybridised to allow the best of both in-person and online shopping?

  • Where do brick and mortar stores fit into the new retail landscape?

  • What strategies are retailers employing to foster customer loyalty, expand basket size and gain market share as competition intensifies?

Michael McLaughlin, President, Global Retail - NIQ GfK
Tom Hickman, Chief Executive Officer - Nationwide Marketing Group
Lisa Lopuck, Co-Founder and CEO -
Bart van der Vis, Director, Germany - Coolblue

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