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The virtual frontier: What are the implications of the metaverse for consumers, creators and companies?

01 Sep 2023
IFA Leaders Summit

The metaverse is quickly becoming the new cool kid on the block. It is dynamic, continuously evolving and allows users to interact in ways never before possible. From virtual reality worlds with their own physics and environment to simulated scenarios and events, the metaverse provides an immersive experience that blurs the lines between physical and digital space. As more developers explore this new technology, its potential for entertainment, education and commerce are only just beginning to be tapped. But before it can become the 3D experience that many envision, the metaverse presents several challenges. For starters, it is not well understood. We explore:
* What is the metaverse and how do you get there? How are consumers, creators and companies tapping into its potential?
* Is the metaverse the future or hype? What implications will it have for businesses?
* What are its ethical implications? How can we ensure privacy and security?
* What kind of infrastructure is needed to support a successful metaverse?
* What kind of applications are being developed for the workplace, education, healthcare and other sectors?

Callum Booth, Tech Journalist
Angie Gifford, Vice President, EMEA - Meta

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