02 Sep 2023

"An innovative kitchen is an intelligent kitchen"

Five questions to Michael Mehnert – Managing Director Siemens Home Appliances Germany

The motto for this year’s Siemens IFA stand is ‘Gardens of Intelligence’ – what can visitors expect? 


More than a decade ago, we at Siemens laid the foundation for connecting the kitchen and the household. At the same time, we have been working for a long time with sensor technology, ingenious programs, and visionary design. We will be showing what smart devices that has produced in Hall 1.1 under the motto “Gardens of Intelligence”, and bringing the innovations to life there. The professional and general public can look forward to a host of new products, which we are showcasing in a true-to-life setting, primarily as part of the dominant feature of our stand, the intelligent kitchen. That’s where we create an environment that helps improve the quality of life for its users in everyday life.


So, what makes an innovative kitchen today? Is it still possible to make a generalization?


An innovative kitchen is an intelligent kitchen. It is no longer defined by individual products or features, but instead comprises a well-orchestrated system of smart appliances. This system is designed, technologically equipped, and connected in such a way that it improves the quality of life for its users. All in all, the intelligent kitchen helps people manage their everyday life more easily, eat healthy, and live more sustainably. The prerequisites for the intelligent kitchen are three pillars that Siemens Home Appliances has already been acquainted with for years: visionary design, intelligent technology, and connectivity, which is in practically all Siemens appliances today.


Siemens Home Appliances has impressed for years with innovative new products. What highlight is an absolute must for IFA visitors at the Siemens stand?

They should definitely see the Siemens iQ700 oven with dish recognition. You simply put the dish in the oven, close the door, and the oven does the rest! The integrated camera photographs the dish when the door is being closed. The dish is identified with the aid of artificial intelligence, and the oven suggests the best method of preparation. Simply confirm, and the oven will look after the ideal program and the right temperature, right up to the individually desired cooking result all on its own.

We’re starting off initially with around 40 dishes that can be identified, but I can promise you, there will soon be more.


In addition, visitors should also definitely get a demonstration of our new temperature-controlled cooktops. I think that will change cooking for good. With the help of the newly developed fryingSensor Pro, users can choose from 11 levels between 70° and 220°C. The cooktop constantly measures and control the temperature in the cookware. And it automatically increases or reduces the required power so that the temperature remains constant. The benefit is obvious: Controlling the temperature is sure to produce an ideal result even for inexperienced cooks. 


Artificial intelligence is one of the major social issues of the year. What role will AI play in the future in the kitchen?


Everybody is talking about artificial intelligence, and many people have concerns about the changes we face as a result. But even more of them are fascinated by it, which is no wonder, since AI applications are already in widespread use. Whether it’s suggested routes in the GPS, text suggestions when writing messages, or the voice assistant on a mobile phone – many of us have integrated all that into our habits overnight. 


So why shouldn’t we also get help in the kitchen to turn good bread into fantastic bread? Why shouldn’t I also use AI in the kitchen, where it makes my everyday life easier, improves cooking results, and helps me like a personal assistant?  I’m curious to see where the journey will lead us in the coming years. 


What are you especially looking forward to when you’re at IFA? (Do you personally have a favorite feature that you use in your kitchen?


My personal highlight is our new XXL built-in fridge-freezer, since food storage needs have changed considerably in the past years: More and more people today want to have more food stocked up at home, but at the same time no longer want to shop as often – or simply have no time for it. Large refrigerators with fresh food storage systems like our hyperFresh are the solution to that. In the past few years, we have presented extra large free-standing refrigerators at IFA that offer both: volume and long-lasting freshness. We’re taking the next big step now: As a built-in appliance specialist we are now also introducing XL and XXL behind the furniture panel. Instead of a maximum 178 cm, our new built-in refrigerators now measure 194 centimeters in height. 

That gives the XL fridge-freezer 11% more net volume than the standard 178 cm built-in fridge-freezer. And the new 75 cm wide XXL version even offers 45% more net volume.