08 Aug 2023

Beurer's EC 70 emergency wristband

Beurer showcased its groundbreaking EC 70 Emergency Wristband at the Innovations Media Briefing (IMB) in Berlin in July.

This health technology company aspires to support those who seek to lead independent lives, but may encounter difficulties due to age or disabilities. The EC 70 aims to provide a safety net that allows people to navigate their day-to-day activities with more confidence.

EC 70: A lifeline, at home and on-the-go

What sets the EC 70 apart from conventional home emergency systems is its mobility. Equipped with the "caera" app, the wristband merges the functions of a mobile phone and an emergency alert system. The inclusion of a built-in SIM card enables the device to function both indoors and outdoors. In the event of an emergency, it can initiate an automatic emergency call to up to six preset contacts. It even allows the wearer to manually send an emergency alert with the press of a button. The "caera" app then informs the stored contacts, facilitating quick and immediate assistance to the wearer.

Photo credit: Beurer.com

Remote support and professional assistance in an instant

The EC 70 wristband not only caters to everyday emergencies but also takes into account situations where the wearer's relatives might not be in the vicinity or are traveling. By subscribing to an optional professional 24-hour emergency call service, the user can rest assured that local emergency services will be promptly notified and directed to their location in case of an emergency.

Noteworthy features and technical specifications

The EC 70 wristband boasts an impressive array of features: automatic fall detection, manual emergency call activation, tracking, a telephone function, and a battery life that lasts up to 21 days. It's housed in a waterproof (IP 67) casing and comes with an integrated SIM card for immediate use. Configuring the wristband is hassle-free thanks to the user-friendly "caera" app.

Beurer's EC 70 Emergency Wristband stands as a testament to technological advancements enhancing personal safety and facilitating independent living. Its array of features, along with the potential for professional emergency services, makes it an essential tool for anyone seeking peace of mind in their daily lives.

Visitors to IFA Berlin 2023 can experience Beurer's innovations firsthand on their stand: Hall 4.1 / Stand 216.

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