03 Jul 2023

Dyson launches latest cordless vacuum models with exciting new features

Dyson has launched two new cord-free vacuum models, the Gen5detect and Gen5outsize

These powerful Dyson vacuums feature advanced technology and impressive capabilities and aim to set a new standard in cordless cleaning.

Powerful Suction and Advanced Filtration

The Gen5detect stands out with its fifth-generation Hyperdymium motor, delivering an incredible 280 air watts of suction power. Both models feature a fully sealed, whole-machine HEPA filtration system that is designed to capture 99.99% of particles down to 0.1 microns and 99.9% of viruses⁴ This ensures cleaner air and a healthier living environment.

Enhanced Cleaning Experience

The re-engineered Fluffy Optic cleaner head on both models claims to provide twice the illumination, making it easier to see and clean microscopic dust particles. The Gen5outsize is designed for large homes, featuring a 150% bigger bin, 25% wider cleaner head, and double the run time.

Convenient Features and Long Battery Life

The Gen5 vacuum cleaners come with a built-in dusting and crevice tool, transforming them into powerful handheld vacuums for versatile cleaning. They also feature a single-button control for continuous cleaning and easy maneuvering. The Gen5detect offers up to 70 minutes of suction, while the Gen5outsize has up to 140 minutes of running time with an additional plug-in battery pack.

Next-Generation Hyperdymium Motor and Whole-Machine Filtration

The Gen5detect is introducing a smaller, faster, and more powerful motor, spinning at up to 135,000rpm. This enables it to have the most powerful suction of any Dyson cordless machine, designed to capture even viruses. The vacuum's whole-machine HEPA filtration system ensures dust and virus particles remain trapped in the bin, guaranteeing cleaner air in your home.

Improved Illumination and Real-Time Feedback

Dyson's Gen5 vacuums feature a re-engineered Fluffy Optic cleaner head, offering twice the brightness and aiming to illuminate more of your floor. The new user interface provides real-time feedback on surface cleanliness, using acoustic sensing and an LCD screen with bars that rise and fall based on particle removal. These features are designed to enhance the user experience and facilitate effective cleaning.

In short, the new cord-free vacuums by Dyson offer powerful suction, advanced filtration, and user-friendly features. With improved illumination and real-time feedback, they promise to provide an 'exceptional' cleaning experience. Whether you have a small or large home, Dyson's Gen5 vacuum cleaners are designed to meet your needs and maintain a clean and healthy living environment.

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