15 Jul 2022

Everything and the kitchen sink: BSH innovates with Solitaire the Waterbase brand

BSH began its briefing with an impressive presentation of its latest innovation that will be exclusively showcased at IFA, the new brand “Solitaire the Waterbase”. 

Oliver Kraemer, Senior Industrial Designer at BSH Home Appliances Group, presented the concept at IMB, created by architects, designers and carpenters, to fit the needs of modern houses and apartments. The team also asked customers about their priorities and interests regarding kitchen design and practicality. They converted their findings into a new concept. 

Annette Hollemann, Head of Solitaire the Waterbase, stated that one of the most important products to innovate is the kitchen sink. Customers still complain about the design of most sinks and see room for improvement, especially with more space underneath the sink. The “waterbase” is designed to address this issue. It is an even-levelled plate that is designed to reduce water waste.It can be controlled via display, the so-called “invisible command”. 

The new water-system also provides water for tea and other beverages at different temperatures. Underneath the innovative kitchen sink is enough space to store items, waste bins or cleaning products. The new innovative kitchen sink “Solitaire the Waterbase” will be presented live for the first time at IFA 2022 in September.

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