30 Nov 2023

The future of connectivity: Insights from Nokia's Chief Architect, Volker Ziegler

During IFA 2023, we sat down with Volker Ziegler, Senior Technology Advisor and Chief Architect at Nokia.  

In this insightful conversation, Ziegler explored the practical intersections of technology and our daily lives. From the Metaverse to human augmentation, he shed light on how technology is shaping our interactions, including home appliances and immersive telepresence. 

Ziegler's perspective on the shift from 5G to 6G, and his insights into collaborative efforts shaping the next stage of technology, invite a deep dive. 

In addition, we explored key considerations such as sustainability, privacy, and trust, with a specific focus on how technology can better serve humanity in the medical space. 

Watch the video below.

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