20 Nov 2023

HEMIX report Q1-3 2023: Analysing the German home electronics market

The Home Electronics Market Index (HEMIX) for the first three quarters of 2023 reveals a varied landscape for the home electronics sector in Germany.

Compared to the same period in 2022, the market experienced a 6.1 percent decline, reaching a total sales volume of nearly 31.8 billion euros. Despite this overall downturn, notable growth was observed in specific segments such as photography and audio/video accessories. This performance underscores the dynamic nature of the home electronics market in Germany, reflecting changing consumer preferences and technological advancements.

Credit: Rupixen.com-Unsplash

Trends in consumer electronics

Consumer electronics in Germany witnessed a 6.5% decline, amounting to close to €20 billion in sales. Notably, while consumer electronics saw a slight sales increase of 0.6%, privately used telecommunications products and IT products faced reductions of 6.4% and 13.9%, respectively. Television sets experienced a 10.7% drop in sales. Conversely, positive trends were observed in specific areas: action cams (up 8.9%), digital cameras (up 6.3%), and interchangeable lenses (up 0.3%). The audio/video accessories division also saw a rise of 4.3% in sales, reaching almost €1.2 billion. Video game consoles surged by 72.7% in sales. In the telecommunications segment, wearables like fitness trackers and smartwatches grew by 2.0% in sales, while smartphones witnessed a 7.2% decline.

 Credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters  Unsplash

Shifting dynamics in electrical household appliances market

The German electrical household appliances sector presented a mixed scenario. Large electrical appliances saw an 8.2% decrease in sales, reaching €7.1 billion. In contrast, small electrical appliances showed a relatively stable market with a modest 0.6% drop in sales, totalling €4.7 billion.

These figures indicate varying consumer spending patterns in different sub-sectors of the home electronics market. The market figures for the HE sector are collected jointly by the industry organisation gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH and GfK for all market participants in the form of the official Home Electronics Market Index HEMIX and published for each quarter.

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