10 Aug 2023

House of Smart Living to showcase tech for a sustainable future at IFA 2023

Equipped with smart devices, low-carbon energy sources and innovative software, the House of Smart Living will demonstrate how technology can help create a sustainable future

Located within the IFA Berlin 2023 Sustainability Village, a new area designed to showcase the latest technology and solutions available around sustainability, the House of Smart Living will demostrate innovative smart technologies for a sustainable future.

Created in collaboration with electrical and info tech associations

The House of Smart Living is a joint project created in collaboration with three renowned German electrical engineering and information technology associations - VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI. With a variety of innovative building technologies and smart applications, the House of Smart Living will enable visitors to experience the future of energy efficiency, security and comfort in future buildings.

“The three German trade associations VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI are proud to be part of the IFA
Sustainability Village and to introduce the House of Smart Living,” says Carine Chardon, Consumer Director at ZVEI. “It showcases efficient technologies, the use of renewable energy and innovative climate control systems, all of which will make important contributions to a sustainable society. We look forward to demonstrating the latest developments in smart living to IFA visitors."

House of Smart LivingIFA 2023 House of Smart Living | Credit: UnsplashA focus on energy efficiency

The House of Smart Living places special emphasis on energy efficiency and features smart networked energy meters linked to an energy management system. This system allows tasks such as running the dishwasher to be scheduled when sufficient electricity is generated by connected solar panels, or at the cheapest time of day.  

In addition, the house will present renewable and sustainable energy sources such as heat pumps, photovoltaic systems and electricity storage to show visitors how homes can not only be powered, heated and cooled, but also how they can become self-sufficient.

Room-by-room highlights

The house is modeled on a real family house and boasts seven rooms with smart features and future-oriented technologies in every room.

In the bathroom visitors will be able to size up the smart touch-free faucets that are capable of remembering the water temperature preferred by the person taking a shower. In addition, these smart bathroom fittings are able to heat water only when necessary.

The bedroom showcases how smart technologies can make homes safer and more comfortable for senior citizens and people with disabilities. The floor is equipped with a fall detection device while another system within the room is able to follow breathing patterns and can call for help in the event of an emergency. Moreover, voice-controlled AI systems show how more fragile residents can take better care of themselves.

The kitchen in the House of Smart Living boasts cabinets that can be conveniently raised and lowered as needed and an AI assistant that can help cooks with meal preparation.

Through the use of intelligent technologies, visitors will be able to see how the living room in the house is transformed into a multimedia entertainment experience. And at the same time, they can appreciate the clever functional furniture and lighting equipment featured in the home office designed to ensure optimal working conditions.

Any home can be a sustainable home

Beyond its cutting-edge features, the House of Smart Living also highlights how any home can become a sustainable home. Thanks to secure Bluetooth connections, systems like the ones used in the house can be retrofitted to existing switch boxes so that home owners don't need to completely rewire their homes to accommodate them.

Top image credit : Unsplash

IFA 2023 will take place September 1-5 at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds, Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin, Germany.

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