08 Feb 2024

Insta360 action cameras now compatible with top motorcycle helmet headsets

Insta360’s AI-enhanced action cameras Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro can now be integrated with motorcycle helmet headsets from Sena and Cardo

Action camera and 360-degree camera maker Insta360 has announced that its Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro models are newly compatible with major motorcycling helmet headset brands, making these cameras what the firm is calling “the ultimate action cameras for motorcycling.”

No need for external adapters and bulky setups

Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro pair with motorcycle helmet intercoms via Bluetooth. According to the firm, this means that motorcyclists can directly add recorded audio from the headset into their footage instead of having to buy external adapters to attach a camera and microphone to their helmet.

In addition, using the Voice Control function, riders can control the camera by speaking directly into their headset. This eliminates the need for external cables and bulky setups, Insta360 says, and the possibility of wind interfering with users’ audio.

The new compatibility of the brand's action cameras with helmet headsets provides a fast connection, clear audio, and hands-free communication, says the firm, both on and off the road. And all users have to do to take advantage of it is to update the company's app and their camera to the latest version.

Insta360 action cameras now compatible with top motorcycle helmet headsetsCredit: Insta360Integration with Garmin devices and Apple Watches

This is the latest of the Insta360’s sports device integrations. In addition to motorcycle helmet headsets, the camera maker has also recently announced dedicated integration for both Garmin devices and Apple Watches. Claiming that it is setting a new standard in the action camera industry, the company is offering integration with these devices throughout its entire range of Insta360 cameras, including the Ace Pro, the 360° action camera X3, the ONE RS, and the GO 3.

With its newly added motorcycle helmet headset compatibility, the camera manufacturer says it is also providing motorcyclists and motorcycle vloggers with the ability to pull accurate, real-time data from their Garmin device or Apple Watch and add it to their camera footage when they export.

In addition to these capabilities, users can include an informative layer to their videos and thus create a more immersive feel with overlay stats such as GPS, elevation, and speed.

Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro

Insta360’s AI-enhanced action cameras, the Ace and Ace Pro, boast 2.4" flip touchscreens, which the company claims make it easier for motorcyclists to frame shots and see settings at a distance when their eyes are on the road.

Moreover, the firm’s new GPS Preview Remote givers users more control over setting and recordings by allowing them to preview shots, adjust settings, and add real-time data overlays to their videos.

While both cameras provide excellent image quality day and night, the Ace Pro is specially designed for filming night time rides. Powered by a 5nm AI chip that denoises footage before it is encoded, and equipped with a 1/1.3" sensor, and a Leica SUMMARIT lens, the Ace Pro enhances image quality and brightness to produce clean night footage.

With the cameras’ PureVideo mode, which is geared for low light shooting, the Ace and Ace Pro record bright, sharp images with better stabilisation in low light. During the day, the action cameras’ Active HDR boosts details in the highlights and shadows for stabilised shots without ghosting.

Supported Devices
  • Sena: 50S, ST1, 10S
  • Cardo: Packtalk Edge
  • AiRide: G7+
  • ASMAX: F1
  • LEXIN: G4
  • VIMOTO: V9s (Ace Pro only)
  • All Garmin devices that share data with Garmin Connect
  • All Apple Watches that share data with Apple Health. However, the camera company's app does not support Apple Health on Android devices.

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