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22 Jun 2023

The Liebherr WKes 653 GrandCru cabinet: Preserving wine in style

The Liebherr WKes 653 GrandCru cabinet: Preserving wine in style
Wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts know the importance of proper storage conditions to preserve the integrity and flavour of their cherished bottles

The Liebherr WKes 653 GrandCru Cabinet offers wine lovers the opportunity to enhance their storage experience. The cabinet is designed to look sleek and remain functional with a range of features that focus on maintaining optimal wine conditions.

Sophisticated Design

The Liebherr WKes 653 GrandCru Cabinet is designed to combine form and function. With its clean lines, stainless steel accents, and luxurious wooden shelving, the company believes it complements any interior decor. The cabinet's glass door showcase the wine collection inside and provide UV protection, ensuring the beverages are shielded from harmful light exposure.

Accurate Temperature Control

Maintaining consistent temperature is crucial for wine preservation, and the WKes 653 GrandCru Cabinet excels in this aspect.

Equipped with advanced cooling technology, it allows users to set and maintain precise temperatures within a range suitable for both red and white wines.

This ensures that each bottle is stored at its ideal serving or ageing temperature, safeguarding the flavours and aromas.

 Liebherr WKes 653


Vibration-Free Environment

Wine is a delicate beverage, susceptible to damage from even the slightest vibrations.

The WKes 653 GrandCru Cabinet hopes to address this concern with its innovative compressor and shock-absorbing system which minimises vibrations to create a stable storage environment. This ensures that the wines can age gracefully, undisturbed by external disturbances.

Customisable Shelving

Flexibility is key when it comes to storing wine bottles of various shapes and sizes, according to the company. Its WKes 653 GrandCru Cabinet offers customisable wooden shelving, allowing users to adapt the interior layout according to the needs of each person's collection.
This thoughtful design feature means it can accommodate both standard Bordeaux bottles and larger formats like magnums, ensuring every bottle has its rightful place.

Efficient Humidity Control

Maintaining the appropriate humidity level is crucial for the long-term storage of wine.

The Liebherr WKes 653 GrandCru Cabinet incorporates an integrated humidity control system that creates the perfect environment to prevent corks from drying out. This preserves the wine's quality and prevents premature aging, so users can enjoy each bottle at its peak.

The Liebherr WKes 653 GrandCru Cabinet offers wine enthusiasts a sophisticated and reliable storage solution that goes beyond mere functionality. Its elegant design, precise temperature control, vibration-free environment, customisable shelving, and efficient humidity control all contribute to an optimal wine preservation experience. The product offers users the opportunity to confidently build and maintain a wine collection that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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