19 Sep 2023

Make your business more sustainable today

When it comes to sustainability within the corporate realm, Christina Andreou, head of global sustainability at o9 Solutions, has a unique perspective. She stresses that achieving sustainability requires collaboration among various stakeholders. Whether your company produces tangible products or provides technological solutions, each entity plays a part in driving sustainability. 

Here is the video: 

But want a written summary? We have that too: 

First steps towards sustainability 

For businesses just stepping into the realm of sustainability, Andreou suggests a two-pronged approach. Firstly, companies should recognise where their technological capabilities align with sustainability efforts. Secondly, she emphasises the value of engaging with key stakeholders — senior leaders, employees, clients, partners, and suppliers. This interaction can unearth areas of synergy, leading to more impactful sustainability initiatives. 

One immediate action for enhanced sustainability 

To make an instant positive impact on sustainability, Andreou highlights the importance of quantifying your environmental footprint. By measuring factors like scope one, scope two, and scope three emissions, you can pinpoint areas that require attention.  

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