02 Sep 2023

Nivona unveils new coffee machines at IFA 2023

Nivona's most recent automatic machines, the NIVO 8'101 and NIVO 8'103, combine innovation with taste and package up their cutting-edge features in a sleek modern design to offer coffee lovers what Nivona is calling “supreme coffee pleasure.”

At the heart of the new automatic machines is the firm’s advanced RomaticaPlus brewing unit, a technology that allows coffee drinkers to enjoy unparalleled efficiency and extraction while experiencing optimal flavour.

Moreover, Nivona’s latest brewing unit innovation ensures greater cleanliness inside the appliance and the NIVO 8'101 and NIVO 8'103 have been designed for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance, allowing coffee connoisseurs to focus solely on enjoyment.

Another notable feature in the company’s latest automatic coffee machines is the Aroma Balance System, which offers five aroma profiles, providing the discerning coffee lover with a full range of taste experiences. From mild and creamy to robust and aromatic, users will be able to extract a wide spectrum of flavours and nuances from each coffee bean to find their perfect cup of coffee, whether it be espresso, cappuccino, etc. The new harmonic profile, especially for Caffè Americano, promises exceptional quality.

The NIVO 8'101 and the NIVO 8'103 also sport a sleek design with an elegant spout, giving them a contemporary look that suits any kitchen or living space. To develop these machines with the highest standards in technology, design, and aesthetics, Nivona collaborated with young industrial designers from the FORMATE/S studio in Regensburg.

"Nivona stands for quality, pleasure, and longevity. With our new NIVO 8'101 and NIVO 8'103 models, we offer coffee drinkers a unique opportunity to discover their coffee pleasure's full potential," says Nivona CEO, Peter Wildner. "Our focus is not just on an outstanding taste experience but also intuitive operation."

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Nivona - CUBE

Freshly ground coffee, anywhere with compact CUBE 4’ series

Apart from its new automatic coffee makers, Nivona is also presenting its novel compact devices, the CUBE 4’102 and the CUBE 4’106 that offer users a new way of making coffee anywhere.

The CUBE 4’102 and the CUBE 4’106 machines combine technologies from fully automatic machines and portafilter machines to offer optimal extraction within their compact dimensions and innovative coffee preparation thanks to the new Click Cup system.

"We wanted to develop a compact device capable of everything from Ristretto to Café Grande," says Nivona's CEO, Peter Wildner. To do this, Nivona again worked with the industrial designers at FORMATE/S studio in Regensburg to create these models with their innovative Click Cup.

The small cup for coffee powder fits on the machine's left side for grinding and the right side for brewing, making coffee preparation quick and easy. After brewing, users can remove the Click Cup and the spent coffee puck drops out, facilitating effortless and eco-friendly cleaning.

Because of their reduced dimensions and easy operation, the new CUBE 4’ models are suitable for any location, making them perfect coffee appliances not only for home kitchens, but also for anywhere from student lodgings to holiday homes or campsites.

Despite their compact size, the CUBE 4’102 and the CUBE 4’106 models offer a variety of choices. With various flavour profiles, users can brew everything from Ristretto to Café Grande as well as regulate their coffee’s strength, volume, and temperature via a symbol-touch display.

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