08 May 2024

Revolutionizing water solutions with Roland Damann, Managing Director of MicroBubbles

At IFA 23, we sat down with Roland Damann, Managing Director of MicroBubbles GmbH, to unravel the intricacies of the global water crisis. 

Damann shed light on a stark reality—nearly half the world lacks access to clean water and sanitation. He delved into market dynamics where innovation is rare, and investment reluctance prevails. 

In response to this crisis, Damann introduced a smart solution—microbubbles infused directly into water. Placed in rainwater and stormwater tanks, these devices efficiently lift plastic to the surface, offering an endless remedy to water pollution. 

Damann envisions this technology as a game-changer for global water accessibility, particularly benefiting countries struggling with inadequate access to drinking water. Many rely on unsustainable practices like delivering water in plastic bottles, contributing to the staggering 9.2 billion tons of global plastic waste. 

Roland Damann's insights aim for a lasting impact on accessibility, affordability, and universal applicability in water solutions. 

Watch the video below.

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