05 Jan 2024

Sustainable visions: Elin Bergman on the circular economy

At IFA 2023, we engaged in a conversation with Elin Bergman, COO of Cradlenet and Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Nordic Circular Hotspot.  

In this conversation, we explored the shift from a linear to a circular economy — using recycled materials for long-lasting products that can be efficiently recycled.  

Bergman urged a return to our circular roots. Uncovering the secrets of circular living, the conversation addressed how everyone can adopt sustainable practices. Bergman explained to us how the best circular products endure, increasing in value over time. 

Offering a glimpse of the future, Elin Bergman painted a picture of a world with less materialism, self-driving cars, self-sustaining energy, and flexible living.  

Watch the video below. 

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