13 Jul 2022

Target-oriented marketing among talking points for gfu Insights and Trends

The IFA Innovations Media Briefing saw a range of guest speakers provide key insights into which trends are informing the world of consumer technology and beyond.

The briefing began with a presentation from Dr. Sara Warneke, managing director of gfu and Dr. Martin Schulte, partner at Oliver Wyman, who presented their latest research insights on sustainability for consumers. 63% of respondents to their study stated that they have a sustainable lifestyle. 66% stated that they take sustainability into account when buying electronic goods. The current energy crisis is apparently strengthening this trend. According to Schulte and Warneke, even more consumers are now investing in renewable goods. To capitalise on this, companies are recommended to invest in target-oriented marketing. Dr. Martin Schulte said it is most important to “communicate, communicate, communicate”.

Patrick Hypscher, BlueMovement Lead at BSH Home Appliances Group, stressed the importance of a circular economy in order to create a more sustainable planet. His start-up, Blue Movement, focuses on renting domestic appliances rather than selling them. This also provides advantages for consumers, since it is more convenient and applicable to their changing lifestyles, and of course more sustainable. There is less waste, as the material of the rented machines can be reused and repurposed.

During her presentation, Melanie Mietzner of Wertgarantie explained how insurance can be more environmentally beneficial. 377,000 tonnes of electric waste are produced every year in Germany alone. 76% of broken devices are not being repaired, but rather replaced. In her analysis, Mietzner showed that devices and electronic goods that are insured are repaired more often. In Mietzner’s view, insurance is key to achieving a more sustainable economy.

Dr.-Ing. Helmut Spoo, director and owner of Dr. Spoo Umwelt-Consulting, offered an overview on the scientific background of sustainability. Spoo praised the circular economy and criticised the trend of “greenwashing”. In his opinion, less CO2 emission during recycling is key to a more sustainable economy. “We have to transform our economy”, he stated during his presentation, presenting different insights to create a better environmental footprint for electronic goods. He promoted the so-called Product Pass, which shows the current environmental footprint of any product.

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