06 Nov 2023

Tech will be alright! A chat with Bob Snyder about consumer market

We sat down with Bob Snyder, Editor-in-Chief of Channel Media Europe and the driving force behind Expert Talks at IFA Global Markets 2023.

Expert Talks is where industry leaders have candid discussions on practical insights crucial for market strategies, procurement, sourcing trends, components, industry standards, and supply chain management.

In our conversation, we discussed the current market landscape, how it's adapting to the pandemic, and the significance of the smart home sector. We also tackled the ongoing chip shortage and its widespread impact on industries.

Snyder highlighted the influence of global politics on the market and the pandemic's role in revealing supply chain vulnerabilities that need a revaluation.

Snyder's optimism for 2030 is evident, underlining his belief in technology's ability to innovate and adapt.

Watch the video below.

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