22 Apr 2024

Understanding AI and Organic Intelligence with Rika Nakazawa

At IFA 23, we had an eye-opening conversation with Rika Nakazawa, Global Vice President of NTT, as she delved into the dangers of Artificial Intelligence.

Nakazawa noted AI potential to distract us from the rich intelligence already present in the world. She advocated for a shift towards organic intelligence, considering AI as just a small part of the broader landscape. 

She shared with us her insights on the profound impact of the Anthropocene era, where irreversible changes to the planet necessitate regenerative practices for a more sustainable future. 

Lastly, Nakazawa discussed resilience, anti-fragility, and actionable steps to align with organic intelligence. She encouraged collaboration across academia, public policy, and industry for a harmonious and sustainable future. 

Watch the video below.

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