30 Oct 2023

Unfold tomorrow with HONOR

Technology continues to set trends that influence every aspect of our lives – our choices are not just a reflection of our style, but often double up as an expression of our identities and how we choose to live our lives.

Since the inception of foldable smartphones, the voyage of smartphone evolution has been amazing to see. HONOR has come a long way with each iteration of foldable smartphones, showcasing remarkable advancements in design, functionality, and durability.

It's time for foldable smartphones to step into the limelight, using technology to empower fashion industry and reshape future life experiences. With this concept, HONOR will explore the rise of the emerging foldable technology and the impact on creativity, as well as what this might mean for the future of lifestyle.

Watch the video below of this year’s Opening Keynote held by George Zhao, Chief Executive Officer - HONOR at IFA 2023.

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