08 Feb 2024

Unveiling change: Marieke Eyskoot on sustainable living

During our time at IFA 2023, we engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Marieke Eyskoot, Sustainable Lifestyle Expert, TV & Event Presenter, and Author, where we delved into the core of sustainability's impact on individuals.

We explored societal expectations and the associated shame of non-conformity, as Eyskoot dismantled these barriers. By challenging negative narratives, she empowered us to resist marketing pressures and redefine our relationship with consumption.

Eyskoot offered practical guidance on embarking on the journey towards sustainable living, emphasizing the potency of small, consistent changes as the drivers of enduring transformation.

In envisioning the future, Eyskoot depicted a paradigm shift from exploitation to sustainability as the new societal norm. She underscored the imperative of scrutinizing products borne from exploitation, reshaping our collective perception of authentic sustainability.

Watch the video below.

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