01 Sep 2023

Vestel home appliances at IFA 2023

At this year's IFA, Vestel aims to set new benchmarks in eco-friendly design features and functionalities in its latest home appliances.

The brand is introducing washing machines with their new microfibre filtre, designed specifically to capture microplastics shed from clothes, acting as a vanguard against environmental pollution. The new Vestel tumble dryer’s Water Recovery System allows for significant progress in water conservation. Not only does it allow to recycle water, it also reintroduces it in subsequent laundry cycles, championing the sustainable use of resources. Vestel's latest dishwashers feature innovative Water Box Technology that reuses the water from a previous cleaning cycle for the following prewash.

Culinary and storage mastery

Vestel is also introducing several innovations in the fields of cooking and food storage. Their new refrigerator’s Vacuum Bag Technology promises households significant reduction in food waste by preserving the freshness of items for prolonged periods. For those passionate about cooking, the Heat Wrap Technology in Vestel’s ovens allows for the simultaneous preparation of four different dishes.

Integrating smart technology

Vestel's range of smart products testifies to their commitment to innovation and enhancing the user experience, by allowing users to keep a keen eye on their energy consumption, access historical energy use data, and receive bespoke tips to optimise savings.

To visit Vestel at IFA:  Hall 8.2 / Stand 101.

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